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Whitsett is located in Guilford County, one of many small North Carolina communities near larger cities like Burlington and Greensboro. The community is an excellent place for families looking for homes for rent, especially given its family-friendly atmosphere. The town is small, but numerous amenities and a variety of other resources can be easily accessed in nearby cities. 

Historical Facts About Whitsett

  • Whitsett was officially incorporated in the summer of 1991. 
  • Quaker and German Lutherans were some the early settlers of the area. They came in the 18th century and primarily worked as farmers. 
  • One of the factors in Whitsett's development was the Whitsett Institute. This private college was open from 1884 to 1919.
  • The Whitsett Historic District is a good way for renters to learn about the community. Encompassing 65 acres, the District has many resources and buildings that date back to the early days of the community.
  • Residents can view many architectural styles around the community, including the Colonial Revival and Queen Anne styles. 

Helpful Resources for Renters

  • Browsing through the numerous detailed pieces of information available on Whitsett's official site will help residents learn about the new community they have chosen to inhabit. The site has a number of resources on a variety of informative town items including administration, permits and forms, meeting schedules and more. 
  • Guilford County Schools has a site that will be able to serve as a go-to resource for parents of Whitsett. Summaries and descriptions of various district items are offered on the site, such as the district's departments, news, information on the district's employees, upcoming events, quick links and more. 
  • Residents can check out Guilford County's website to acquire a broad perspective on the services the county provides for its residents. Information on Guilford County ranges from information about government and departments to the latest news updates.