Homes for rent in Connecticut

Discover Houses for Rent in Connecticut

Connecticut, the 5th state established in the U.S., is brimming with history, culture and beautiful countryside. The state is nestled between Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and the Long Island Sound. Thanks to the sound, homes for rent in Connecticut are never too far from waterside vistas, beaches and aquatic activities. Numerous sizable cities lie with the state's borders, including Connecticut's capital, Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Waterbury and Stamford. Renters that want to experience a New England lifestyle or live within reach of the manifold amenities of New York City without the urban center's frenetic pace may find what they're looking for in Connecticut.

Interesting Information for CT Renters to Know

  • Hartford and New Haven simultaneously served as the capitals of Connecticut between 1703 and 1875. After 1875, Hartford has been the sole capital of the state.
  • Connecticut's climate is moderate, with an annual average of only 6 days when temperatures drop to zero degrees Fahrenheit or below and 12 days when it is warmer than 90 degrees.
  • The industrial operations of Connecticut during colonial times were strong enough to give established English competitors a run for their money.
  • Connecticut's Fundamental Orders of 1639 are considered to be the first written Constitution belonging to a democratic government. The document established the government as democratic and based on the will of its citizens.

Top 3 Attractions for Connecticut Renters to Enjoy

  • The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, located in New Haven, is home to a wide range of natural objects to capture the interest and imagination of visitors of all ages. For instance, the museum has exhibits on paleobotany, anthropology, mineralogy, entomology, meteorites, vertebrate zoology and more.
  • For outdoor fun, renters can check out Gillette Castle State Park. In addition to providing tours of the impressive stone castle, the park offers a variety of activities, such as hiking, river camping and picnicking.
  • History and nautical buffs will want to stop by Mystic Seaport, which allows individuals to glimpse the maritime past of America through diverse artifacts, programs and performances.

Fun Facts About the State of Connecticut

Due to the military resources furnished by Gov. Jonathan Trumbull, George Washington considered Connecticut to be "The Provision State." Moreover, the state was thought of as the "Arsenal of the Nation," a moniker earned during revolutionary times. The Praying Mantis became Connecticut's state insect in 1977, while the White Oak was adopted as the state tree in 1947.