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Find Perfect Houses for Rent in Middletown, CT

Located within Connecticut's legendary Middlesex County and right on the state's mighty Connecticut River, Middletown is an excellent city to live in that has plenty of homes for rent to choose from. With close proximity to major points of interest including cities like Hartford, New Haven, New York City and Providence, Middletown is an exceptionally unique and authentic New England oasis. 

Fun Facts About Middletown for Interested Renters

  • Middletown is located only 16 miles south of Hartford, although renters won't necessarily need to leave the borders of their city to access necessary and desirable amenities. 
  • Like many other cities and towns in this region of Connecticut, Middletown has a robust history that spans back much further than the independent United States. 
  • Unlike other smaller urban areas in central Connecticut, Middletown has a robust public transportation services department that can bring residents to Hartford, New Haven and other points of interest with ease. 

4 Must-Have Resources for Middletown Residents

  • Information about the public works department and other government services can be accessed via the City of Middletown website. 
  • Parents who want to learn more about the exceptional academic opportunities this city has to offer to its resident children should check out the Middletown Public Schools website. 
  • Residents who'd like to read up on the historic Downtown Middletown Business District should refer to its specialized website. 
  • News about goings-on in the city can be found through the Middletown Press

Simple Living in Middletown

Prospective renters might want to remember that Middletown is home to Wesleyan University, which brings many undergraduates into the area. However, the city is among the more eclectic and diverse in all of Connecticut, and residents can likely find a specific area that closely fits their preferences and desires for a living environment.