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Explore Houses for Rent in Maine

Maine is the northernmost state on the East Coast, bordering New Hampshire and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. The southernmost portions of the state are within hours of Boston, with Interstate 95 connecting Biddeford, Portland and Brunswick with the Massachusetts metropolis. Maine is widely known for its fisheries, which produce sizable quantities of lobster and other kinds of seafood. Homes for rent in the state's shoreside communities may appeal to renters who enjoy maritime activities, the edible bounty of the sea and waterfront vistas.

Interesting ME Facts for Renters to Discover

  • As a part of the Missouri Compromise of 1820, Maine became recognized as the 23rd state of the Union. Maine's statehood came after a local movement to disconnect from Massachusetts and Bostonian rule.
  • Along with 30 Viking seamen, Leif Ericson may have tried to found a settlement in Maine 500 years before the arrival of Columbus.
  • The coast of Maine was heavily impacted by the receding glaciers of the Ice Age. The shoreline was once fairly straight, but the withdrawal of the massive layer of ice left approximately 2,000 islands off the coast of present-day Maine.
  • In 1607, the Plymouth Company founded the first settlement in Maine at Popham. Though this community began in the same year as that of Jamestown, Va., it is not credited with being America's original permanent colony due to its failure to live through Maine's severe winters.

Top 3 Maine Attractions for Renters to Visit

  • The beautiful, vast and rugged wilderness of Maine is sure to appeal to nature lovers, who can experience some of the best outdoor adventure opportunities at Acadia National Park. The green space allows visitors to enjoy a diverse array of activities, from horseback riding, bicycling and boating to hiking, fishing and swimming.
  • Renters can indulge their cultural curiosity at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, which has more than 20,000 items in its permanent collection. Additionally, the institution hosts a changing set of exhibitions throughout the year.
  • For a nice getaway, those living in Maine rentals can check out Boothbay Harbor, home to a variety of shops, restaurants and activities in a waterside atmosphere.

Fun Facts for Maine Renters to Learn

Maine's state berry is the wild blueberry. To this day, the fruit is harvested using a special kind of hand rake devised more than 100 years ago. Maine contains 17 million acres of forest and covers more than 30,000 square miles.