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Uncover Amazing Houses for Rent in Portland, ME

Portland is the largest city in Maine, and it's the seat of Cumberland County. The city is neighbored by WestbrookScarborough and Falmouth, all of which are lovely locales. Homes for rent in the city offer residents access to every kind of attraction, amenity and service imaginable, from seaside pleasures, to locally owned shops, restaurants, career opportunities, good schools and a great arts and culture scene.

Interesting Historical Facts About Portland

  • The first European to arrive on the Portland peninsula was an English naval captain named Christopher Levett. He was granted the land by the king so he could start a settlement in Casco Bay in 1623. However, when he went back to England, he wasn't able to muster enough support for the settlement, so he never went back.
  • The first permanent English settlement in the area was established in 1633 as a fishing and trading village. It was renamed Falmouth in 1658.
  • The citizens of Falmouth made a separate town and named it Portland in 1786.
  • When Maine became a state in 1820, Portland was its capital. It remained the capital until 1832.

Useful Resources for New Renters

  • Portland has a comprehensive website that has all kinds of helpful information that new residents can use to get acquainted with the city. Local news, frequently asked questions, department contact information and government details are all provided.
  • Portland has a wonderful downtown district that attracts plenty of visitors along with the locals. Its website outlines everything there is to do in the area, which could be helpful for family trips or nights out.
  • Visit Portland is another great resource with more examples of fun things to do in the city. It has details about venues and amenities that residents will be sure to check out.