Oklahoma Sitemap

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Located in the center of the United States, Oklahoma is named after the Choctaw phrase for "red people" and has a strong Native American history. In addition to this diverse and multicultural history, homes for rent in Oklahoma also offer a powerful industrial economy and beautiful, varied landscapes. Cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa are home to lots of people in the Sooner State, but many families also go toward the more rural areas where farming and ranching are more prevalent. 

Important Information for OK Renters to Know

  • Oklahoma has a famously strong oil industry. The Nellie Johnstone oil well in Bartlesville was the first commercial well in the world. The capitol is the only one in the U.S. to have had oil drilled for underneath it. Oklahoma is also currently the third-largest gas producer in the nation. 
  • Oklahoma has a history that reaches past French and English exploration. In 1012, Vikings explored the area near present-day Heavener, and Sprio Indians called the area home for 500 years before that. Modern history started when a Spanish explorer carved his name and date into a rock in the state in 1541. 
  • Oklahoma became a territory of the U.S. in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The area became home to many Native American tribes that moved west and was called Indian Territory. It didn't become a state until 1907. 

Top 3 Attractions for Oklahoma Renters to Enjoy

  • With its strong agricultural economy, Oklahoma has hundreds of farmers markets spread throughout most communities across the state. Each market provides families with the opportunity to get healthy, inexpensive food that, most importantly, was grown right down the street. The state also has a large agritourism sector with visitable farms and agriculturally themed events. 
  • Sixty-seven Native American tribes have lived in Oklahoma at some point over the state's long and diverse history. Events like the Red Earth Festival, as well as dozens of permanent museums and heritage centers, celebrate Native American history
  • Out-of-state visitors are frequently shocked by the diverse terrain and pleasant climate. With an average annual temperature of 60 degrees, there's no excuse for families not to take advantage of the great hiking, biking, canoeing, birding, hunting and outdoor recreation that the state has to offer. 

Fun Facts About Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is home to the first parking meter. It was installed in 1935 and designed earlier in the state. Oklahoma also saw the first rolling shopping cart and the initial Boy Scouts of America Troop from Pawhuska.