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Find Beautiful Houses for Rent in Gilroy, CA

East of Santa Cruz is the Garlic Capital of the World. Filled with beautiful parks and superb produce, homes for rent in this city offer renters a peaceful community that caters to those with a taste for quality.

Facts for Renters About Gilroy

  • Gilroy hosts an annual "Gilroy Garlic Festival." It features many whimsical events, including the crowning of the Miss Gilroy Garlic Queen, and unusual garlic dishes, such as garlic ice cream and garlic fries.
  • Hot springs were discovered in Gilroy in 1865, and the city served as a resort and spa afterward, offering services like mineral and mud baths.
  • Before Gilroy became a large producer of wine, garlic and mushrooms, its main exports were tobacco and dairy products. At one point, it had the world's largest cigar factory and produced over 1 million cigars a month.

Resources for Renters

  • The Gilroy Garlic Festival features a recipe contest, a pageant and a gourmet food alley. Renters can check out the festival website for more information on times, locations and activities. 
  • Renters who want a taste of the culinary seasonings that the area offers can use the Garlic World Web page to see the different offerings and place online orders.
  • To keep up to date on local and national news, there's the Gilroy Dispatch. This newspaper is available both online and by subscription.

Attractions Near Gilroy

Gilroy has something to satisfy every kind of taste. On top of its gourmet food offerings, there are many recreational opportunities. It has over a dozen award-winning parks and green spaces within the county for renters to enjoy. There are also events like the Renaissance Faire and theme parks like Gilroy Gardens for renters to enjoy.