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Discover Houses for Rent in Murrieta, CA

Murrieta is a California city neighboring Temecula and Wildomar. Residents and families searching for homes for rent will be impressed by the proximity of the city to Los Angeles, which provides stellar nightlife for young professionals looking for a fun partying culture. Renters can dine at the Mill Restaurant and then head over to Town Square Park, which is a short distance away from several other useful locations in the city. These include a boutique, churches and a senior center. The senior center may be helpful to renters with elderly family members. Murrieta offers resources for housing extended family, making it an excellent place for renters to consider living. 

Historical Details About Murrieta

  • The Southern California Railroad led to a significant population increase in Murrieta in 1890. Subsequent years have seen a further increase in the population with the development of other avenues of transportation in Southern California, such as Interstate 15. 
  • Murrieta owes its name to a Spanish rancher, Esequial Murrieta, who considered establishing a ranch on the land of contemporary Murrieta. Renters interested in the early history of Murrieta should visit the Temecula Historical Society. 
  • Murrieta boasts one of the largest populations in Riverside County, with an estimated 85,000 residents moving to the city in 2003. 
  • The city gained a public library in 1998, which should be appealing to families looking for a place with many avenues of education for their children. 

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