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Seek Out Your New House for Rent in Mulberry, FL

There are plenty of things families look for in a new community when they're trying to find homes for rent. For instance, some younger couples want to stay close to the big city but still retain the quiet feel of a small town, while growing households might seek out family-friendly activities to do in the city center that incorporates the whole community.

Luckily, renters don't need to look any further than Mulberry, Fla. Only about 33 miles from Tampa, this bustling hub in itself offers a number of things families can do in their own backyards.

2 Things Renters Should Know About Mulberry

  • The city got its name from a particular mulberry tree, which once grew where City Hall stands today. 
  • Although it used to be a lawless area, the city saw a revival in the late 19th century when the once-sparse mulberry tree in the center of town sprouted leaves and flourished. Today it's served by the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

3 Resources for Those in Mulberry

  • Newcomers should make sure to get a card from the Mulberry Public Library so they can take out books, movies and other media.
  • Should they need to contact first responders or learn about emergency preparedness just in case, renters should go to Polk County Fire Rescue.
  • Check out the Parks and Recreation Department for information regarding the city pool, skate park and other public areas.

Things to Do in Mulberry

There are plenty of fun activities to take part in that can be exciting and engaging for residents of all ages in Mulberry. For instance, the city holds numerous parades, celebrations and other holiday-themed events throughout the year. Plus, at any time of the year, renters can check out the educational and interesting Mulberry Phosphate Museum to learn a little more about the city's origins.