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Placida is an unincorporated community in Charlotte County. The community is located on the west coast of Florida, close to Englewood and Port Charlotte. Families searching for homes for rent in Placida can capitalize on nearby bodies of water, such as the Gasparilla Sound and the Gulf of Mexico. Life in Placida also consists of amenities that reflect the community's location, such as Eldred's Marina, Waterside Grill, Gasparilla Marina and Placida Park.

Facts About Placida and Englewood

  • Placida's location just south of Englewood means that the larger city will help shed light on the history and development of the area around Placida. 
  • The earliest inhabitants of Englewood were Native Americans, though information about precisely which tribes inhabited the area is ambiguous. For example, both the Colusa and Timacua Native American tribes may have been the source of artifacts found in the area.
  • Fishing and hunting were some of the activities that early inhabitants of Englewood pursued. 

Resources for Renters

  • Charlotte County's website has the latest news and alerts that may be useful for renters, such as information about road closures in the county. A page on the site called "Transparency" contains information about budgets, meetings, taxes, public records and a number of other issues related to county governance. There are also tools to help residents learn about work opportunities in the county, residential life, parks and recreation and the culture in the county. 
  • The School District of Charlotte County's website has pages on specific facets of the district, such as parents and students, community, employees and a list of upcoming events. Other interesting features include quick links to prominent issues related to the district, such as the budget and school calendars, while a feature called "Breaking News" lists the latest updates about pertinent district announcements, such as teacher of the year nominations.