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Hempstead is a gorgeous town located on Long Island, in close proximity to Levittown. Families will be attracted to the multiple institutions and homes for rent the town has. For families seeking to provide an good environment for their children to grow up in, the dynamic cultural institutions dotting Hempstead's landscape will surely appeal. The town has numerous churches and houses of worship, such as St. George's Episcopal Church, that will be a great fit for the spiritually hungry. For families worried about the atmosphere of the town, its commitment to a strong society should temper the faintest fears. Renters seeking a more leisurely outlet may flock to the Hempstead Golf & Country Club, which caters to the tastes of sportsmen and recreational enthusiasts. Large extended families seeking a change of location will enjoy this blend of culture and recreation.

Interesting Facts About Hempstead 

  • Puritans flocked to Hempstead in the 1600s in search of a place where they could worship as they saw fit, expressing a desire for religious liberty.
  • The esteemed Hofstra University is located in Hempstead. Ambitious young adults in Hempstead gravitate toward the school for its reputation for academic excellence and convenient location.
  • The town has an African American Museum, dedicated to displaying artistic exhibitions that showcase African-American culture, history, music and various other mediums.

Useful Resources for Residents

  • Hempstead has a Town-Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee in the hopes of blunting the loud noise of airplanes flying overhead at the nearby John F. Kennedy Airport. The town's commitment to noise reduction should be appealing to families and renters seeking a quiet life in New York.
  • The town has an animal shelter that helps thousands of animals a year, which is sure to be an appealing message to pet lovers.
  • Hempstead has numerous organizations dedicated to conservation, including GeesePeace and a Clean Energy Project.