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Discover Awesome Houses for Rent in Selma, NC

Selma is a community in North Carolina's Johnston County that's close to Goldsboro and a mere 25 minutes away from North Carolina's capital city of Raleigh. Homes for rent in Selma offer residents access to a bevy of places that make the area a pleasant place to settle, such as amenities, restaurants, public transportation centers, schools and more. 

Historical Facts About Selma

  • Selma's motto is "A Charming Place to Be."
  • The community received a charter as a town in the winter of 1873.
  • Railroads were instrumental in the origins and development of Selma. This led to the community being dubbed the "Railroad Town."
  • The town is still evocative of its early character, given that a 1924 Union Depot is now used for Amtrak services.
  • Selma is the home of what's thought to be the oldest remaining train station in North Carolina, the Mitchener Station. The train station was constructed in 1855.
  • The construction of Interstate 95 in the 1950s helped to spur development in Selma, bringing people to the community. 
  • A famous resident of Selma was Lunsford Richardson, famed for inventing Vick's Vapo Rub.

Helpful Resources for Renters

  • Check out Selma's official website to find information about the community useful for helping new renters get settled in their new homes. Selma's site provides valuable details about economic opportunities in the town, town government, services for residents, contact information and more. 
  • Johnston County Schools' website provides ample information about the education children of Selma will receive. This is an excellent resource for parents, as it offers details on upcoming events, the district's staff, services for parents and students, and more. 
  • The Greater Smithfield-Selma Chamber of Commerce's site provides more details about Selma and its businesses. Additionally, the site has information on the process of becoming a member, the latest news and more.