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Discover Awesome Houses for Rent in Waxhaw, NC

Waxhaw is a town in North Carolina's Union County south of Charlotte, just along the South Carolina border. Homes for rent in Waxhaw offers families the chance to enter a cohesive community in an area full of excellent schools, amenities, a museum, a library and numerous other stellar locations, making the town a fun and exciting place.

Historical Facts About Waxhaw

  • Waxhaw is one of the oldest towns in Union County. The town's origins go back to the 1700s.
  • The name of the community was derived from a Native American tribe that resided in the area. 
  • Waxhaw received its charter in 1889.
  • While Waxhaw is growing, it's still esteemed as a small North Carolina town. 
  • Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the U.S., also known as "Old Hickory," was born in an area close to Waxhaw in 1767.
  • Early immigrants to the community were primarily of German and Scots-Irish provenance. 
  • In 1901, a railroad came to Waxhaw, helping to catalyze development in the community. This railroad also brought the town into contact with the markets of Atlanta.
  • Waxhaw is located in the Piedmont region, famed for its heavily wooded setting and its rolling hills.
  • Cotton and textile mills were some of the early economic staples in Waxhaw.
  • Waxhaw's motto is "Proud of our Past...Passionate About Our Future."

Helpful Resources for Renters

  • Check out Waxhaw's official website to get a sense of what the community will be like to live in, a good way for renters to grow comfortable with a new area. There's pieces of information on the town's government, departments, the business community in Waxhaw, town maps and ordinances, a calendar of events and more. 
  • More facts about the business community in the area surrounding Waxhaw can be found on the site for the Union County Chamber of Commerce. The chamber also provides information on upcoming events that the chamber is hosting.