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Houses for Rent in Monroe, North Carolina

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Find Exciting and Unique Houses for Rent in Monroe, NC 

Monroe is one of the most historic cities in all of North Carolina, and happens to be an excellent area to live in for many different types of renters. Located in Union County near Waxhaw and Wingate, and not too far from Charlotte and the South Carolina border, there are plenty of terrific homes for rent in this gorgeous and legendary city. 

What to Know About Monroe

  • Monroe is experiencing major population growth, similar to other cities near the Charlotte Metropolitan Area. 
  • Monroe's central business district's aesthetic is highly similar to the environment of the city back in the 1800s. 
  • This city is home to some of the most intense retail and industrial activity in the region, and it's the county seat of Union County. 
  • The original Victorian Courthouse, which was constructed in 1886, is still in its original form today and is fully functional. 
  • Monroe also has its own regional airport, and is home to a variety of major corporations.

Simple Resources for Monroe Residents

  • For more information on the historic downtown area, residents can access resources through the website dedicated to this part of the city. 
  • The city's tourism website can be helpful for residents who want to discover more things to do and keep up with events throughout the year.
  • The city portal has more information on the area, public works projects and other resources. 

What to Do in Monroe

Downtown Monroe hosts countless events, especially throughout the summer months when Movies on the Plaza and Music on Main kick into high gear. Farmers markets, several museums and the historic courthouse can also be fun activities on a weekend day. There are plenty of natural attractions nearby, while those who crave city visits can get to Charlotte in a little more than a half-hour.