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Find Houses for Rent in Miamisburg, OH

Miamisburg is a city located in Montgomery County. It's slightly less than an hour away from Cincinnati. Homes for rent allow families to explore the history of airplanes at the Wright B. Flyer Aircraft Museum, grab some barbecue at the Dark Horse Tavern or witness the Miamisburg Mound.

Facts for Renters

  • In 1818, four men from Pennsylvania had a public auction and offered up 90 lots in a new town known as Miamisburg. The city is located directly on the west bank of the Miami River, making it a viable place for eager settlers moving West.
  • Prior to being named Miamisburg, the city was only a community known as Hole's Station, after local Zachariah Hole who built a stockade to protect local settlers from Native American attacks.
  • Miamisburg was officially named after the Miami Native American tribe that inhabited the region. Combining "Miami" with "burg" suggests that the area was a borough or town. By 1832, the little village turned into a town. About a century later, it developed into a city.
  • The Miamisburg Mound is a notable site for the city and is an ancient Native American burial ground. It's the largest conical burial ground east of the Mississippi River. Visitors and residents can climb the mound using stairs that were built into its side.
  • The Daniel Gebhart Tavern was once a gathering place for residents and visitors during the 1800s. Today, it's a museum that is run by the historical society and can be visited by interested tourists.

Resources for Renters

  • Learn more about the vast history of the city by visiting the Miamisburg website.
  • Get to know the local schools in the area or find out when school holidays are throughout the year by checking out the Miamisburg City School District website.
  • Find out what's going on around town or learn about current news by reading the latest in the Dayton Daily News.