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Find Houses for Rent in Murray, UT

Murray is a city in Utah located just next to Salt Lake City. Murray borders Taylorsville and Cottonwood West, both places with an authentic Utah feel. The city evokes Utah's quaint charm, having a variety of diverse ethnicities. For renters looking for homes for rent in Utah, Murray may be the perfect place to move to. 

Interesting Facts About Murray

  • Renters exploring Murray will probably be interested in the history of the city. The city was initially settled by Mormons in 1847, who created a large community around the Salt Lake Valley.
  • Prior to 1860, the main economic activity citizens of Murray pursued was farming. However, gold was discovered in this year, leading to the creation of numerous smelting locations. This helped to shift the economic emphasis of the town away from agriculture to a more industrial orientation.
  • Murray's boundaries have shifted over the years, indicative of immigration and various other factors.

Useful Resources for Renters

  • Renters considering making Murray their home should check out the city's website, offering numerous resources for prospective residents.
  • Murray has a great resource called Utopia, which offers the ability for residents of the various Utah cities to communicate easily. The resource was devised by 16 Utah cities, allowing communication to be made between various Utah businesses and persons.
  • The city's website offers a great directory of useful places to go, such as schools and restaurants. This should prove helpful for new renters beginning their odyssey in Murray. 
  • Murray offers a resource called Vacation Watch that allows travelers to inform the police that they're going on vacation. The police will keep a close eye on the traveler's house during the vacation, which is sure to placate wary vacationers worried about leaving their home unattended.