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Discover Houses for Rent in Berkeley, CA

Berkeley is located in California, near San Francisco and Oakland,abutting the San Francisco Bay. Families searching for homes for rent will have access to various amenities and institutions. The University of California has a campus at Berkeley, famed for its role in the '60s counterculture movement. Residents will also be able to visit Eastshore State Park and Cesar Chavez Park. Other attractive locations include the Greek Theater and California Memorial Stadium.

Interesting Facts About Berkeley

  • Berkeley is in the vanguard of California urban locations, known for its commitment to education, science and the arts. 
  • The city derives its name from George Berkeley, a philosopher, bishop and writer whose poetry was popular among the trustees who founded Berkeley. His poetry conveyed a sense of the grandeur the trustees felt at the sight of the Pacific.
  • The Berkeley Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and catalyzing knowledge of the city, providing tours and newsletters for interested renters.

Resources for Renters

  • The city has a website that will be valuable for renters. It exhibits information on the myriad institutions a resident can access. These include pages on recreation, the Berkeley Marina, city council meetings, ordinances and proposals. There are other pages hand-tailored to the needs of residents, such as property rules and information about the elderly.
  • Berkeley's chamber of commerce has a website that will provide a potential renter with information on the chamber, such as committees, the process of becoming a member and a list of upcoming and past events that the chamber has been involved in. 
  • Berkeley Unified School District's website displays information for parents and students. Pages on the school board, district, teachers and learning objectives are all available on the site. It also provides the latest news on developments in the school district.