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Houses for Rent in Hawaiian Gardens, California

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Explore Beautiful Houses for Rent in Hawaiian Gardens, CA

This small city near Long Beach has homes for rent in a community that's close-knit and peaceful while still offering easy access to beaches and bigger cities. 

Facts for Renters About Hawaiian Gardens

  • The land Hawaiian Gardens now stands on was once marshland filled with bears and other wildlife. It was inhabited by the Tong-va Native Americans, who called the area Puvungna.
  • The city is named after a stand that was constructed in the area. During the Prohibition era, it served drinks, sandwiches and, reportedly, if one knew how to ask,  illegal alcoholic beverages. Even after the business left, the name for the area stuck.
  • Hawaiian Gardens was once the site of an oil rush, after a team digging to find water to end a drought came up instead with what they called "black gold." However, after more digging, those looking for oil found that there wasn't any more, and the city went back to its quiet lifestyle.

Resources for Renters

  • Residents can use the City of Hawaiian Gardens' Web page to learn about services it offers and contact various government departments.
  • Los Angeles County, where Hawaiian Gardens is located, is served by the Los Angeles Times paper. Renters can get their news in print or online.
  • The city is part of the ABC Unified School District. Parents can use its website to check out schools, staff and schedules.

Attractions Near Hawaiian Gardens

This city is peaceful despite having many big cities close-by. Renters can choose to relax at the Lee Ware Park & Recreation Center, or go to the local branch of the County of Los Angeles Public Library. It's also a short drive to Los Angeles, Anaheim and Long Beach.