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San Carlos is a city in San Mateo County, just outside of Redwood City, a short eight-minute drive. While San Carlos is on the smaller side, homes for rent in this region give families the best of both worlds. Work in up-and-coming areas such as Palo Alto and return to a quiet, peaceful home in San Carlos just a short distance away. Whether you choose to stay near or go far, there's plenty to do. If you're adventurous, check out Fly Bay Area, which will take you on a small plane while you tour gorgeous places such as the Golden Gate Bridge. If you'd rather learn about aviation at ground level, visit the Hiller Aviation Museum, which can teach you all you need to know about flying. If aviation isn't your thing, check out the Cask Wine and Cheese Bar. 

Facts for Renters

  • San Carlos was first discovered when Spanish explorers came to the area in the 1500s and slowly conquered the land. The region was officially laid out in the 1700s when the explorers mapped the land. 
  • In 1854, Timothy Guy Phelps was the first American man to purchase and live on land in San Carlos. His first home was an adobe on 200 acres of land. He later built a house next door. Phelps herded several cattle on the land that he sent to San Francisco. He became the president of the Southern Pacific Railroad, then a U.S. Congressman and finally a regent at the University of California at Berkley. Phelps's mark on the area can still be seen today - there are set of eucalyptus trees on San Carlos Avenue planted by one of his employees. 

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