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Discover Houses for Rent in Brooksville, FL

Brooksville is located in Hernando County, north of Tampa. The city neighbors Spring Hill. Families searching for homes for rent can find a quaint and authentic city in Brooksville, with amenities and institutions such as Russell Street Park, Tom Varn Park, The Hernando County Parks & Recreation Department, the Heritage Museum, Mallie Kylas Cafe, Debbie's Hair Gallery and Brooksville Florist.

History of Brooksville

  • Brooksville was initially known as Melendez. It was founded in the 1800s. 
  • Another community in the vicinity of Melendez was called Pierceville. These two communities combined to form Brooksville. 
  • The city is the long-time county seat of Hernando County.
  • Fort DeSoto was a prominent military fort in the 1800s, located in what's contemporary Brooksville.
  • Brooksville was officially incorporated into the state of Florida in 1880.
  • There were four principal families instrumental in the founding of Brooksville. These were the Howell family, the Jon L. Mays family, the Parsons family and the Hale family. All of these families settled in different geographic locations within the town. This lead to the development of unique characteristics in the different areas of the community. 

Resources for Renters

  • Brooksville's official website has many pages that can be pivotal for renters. For example, residents can find pages such as "Land Development Code" on the website. The site provides minute information on the government in the city and a summary of Brooksville to provide prospective residents with a flavor of what life in the city will be like. A guide to the website is also available. 
  • Hernando County School District's website will be an invaluable source for Brooksville residents. Pages include data charts, district offices, a calendar, the Hernando County Education Foundation, school board policy, employment in the district, contact information and a summary of the district.