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Overview of Surfside, Florida

Beautifully nestled along the eastern shores of Miami-Dade County, Surfside, Florida offers an intimate coastal experience for residents and visitors alike. Offering a uniquely mellow atmosphere, this charming oceanside town boasts a robust real estate market with plenty of houses for rent, making it an inviting choice for those looking to experience life by the beach.

Surfside stretches just one square mile in size, but its small footprint is bursting with character. The town rests between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and scenic Biscayne Bay to the west. Bordering neighborhoods include Bal Harbour to the north and Miami Beach to the south, allowing easy access to a wider range of amenities and attractions. Collins Avenue creates a central ribbon through Surfside, studded with local eateries and shops that reflect an eclectic mix of cultures.

Beachgoers are in for a treat with the miles-long sandy stretch that runs adjacent to most residences. The balmy weather year-round makes everyday feel like vacation - whether taking leisurely strolls through nearby parks such as North Shore Open Space Park or unwinding at 96th Street's community center with its many recreational facilities.

For those interested in houses for rent, Surfside’s residential area provides options that beautifully capture the quintessential coastal aesthetics of South Florida architecture – from mid-century modern styles to opulent oceanfront properties.

This pedestrian-friendly town allows ease in exploring bakeries, coffee shops, tasteful boutiques and authentic dining experiences all within walking distance from most homes. Furthermore, its proximity to Miami-Dade's robust public transportation system makes commuting effortless.

A hub of history and culture coupled with blue skies and cerulean waters; Surfside offers an ideal blend of urban convenience wrapped up in small-town charm. With so much character packed into every corner, renting a house in this beautiful Floridian locale truly promises a unique living experience.

Location Highlights of Surfside, Florida

Known for its pristine beaches and vibrant community, Surfside, Florida is a highly desirable residential coastal town that is brimming with both natural beauty and cultural attractions. Nestled between Miami Beach to the south and Bal Harbour to the north, this spectacular location is a paradise for anyone seeking houses for rent in an area enriched with tropical tranquility and urban conveniences.

Ideal for water enthusiasts, Surfside offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, surfing, or engaging in a lively game of beach volleyball. The stunning coastline is not the only attraction here; just a few blocks inland are Surfside’s 93rd Street and Harding Avenue districts – neighborhood gems where you can find fashionable boutiques, eclectic eateries, and an array of service establishments that cater to all residents' needs. In terms of community amenities, the town has public parks like the Veterans Park and Hawthorne Tot Lot which are perfect spots for relaxation or recreation. Moreover, Collins Avenue – one of Miami-Dade County’s major arteries – runs through the heart of Surfside making it easy to venture out to explore neighboring areas.

Population and Community

Surfside's population stands at 5,571 residents as per recent data. Despite its relatively small size when compared to other Florida towns, what makes it stand out is its warm community spirit that easily attracts those searching for houses for rent in a friendly environment where neighborly connections come naturally.

The community here is engaged and active; you're likely to see neighbors mingling at local events organized throughout the year or simply chatting on their porch fronts. This sense of camaraderie extends into various aspects like support for local businesses or active participation in maintaining green spaces which result in an inviting neighborhood atmosphere.

Having a diverse age group within its population has granted Surfside a lively dynamic where both families and single individuals coexist harmoniously. This harmonious living affords residents an opportunity to feel part of something bigger than themselves – a real community where everyone contributes to making Surfside the unique town that it is. From its welcoming residents to its strategic location, Surfside has so much to offer to those looking for a place that they can call home.

Things to Do and Points of Interest in Surfside, Florida

Surfside, Florida is a sun-soaked coastal town that offers a mix of activities that cater to a wide variety of tastes. From outdoor enthusiasts to those who enjoy more leisurely pursuits, Surfside has it all. The town's beautiful sandy beaches are perfect for those who want to soak up the sun, take a cooling dip in the ocean or indulge in watersports. You can find houses for rent along the beachfront, allowing you to wake up to stunning ocean views every morning.

For nature lovers, the town's close proximity to Indian Creek Village offers an opportunity for scenic walks and bird watching. The nearby Bal Harbour Shops cater to fashion enthusiasts with their collection of high-end designer boutiques. Foodies will appreciate the diverse array of dining options ranging from cozy cafes to gourmet restaurants found around Harding Avenue. These locations are easily accessible from various neighborhoods making it convenient for those renting houses.

Is Surfside, Florida a Good Place to Live?

Surfside, Florida is known for its warm climate, coastal charm and appealing lifestyle which makes it an attractive place for many people. It boasts of beautifully designed houses that are available for rent. Its location on Florida’s coast gives residents easy access to stunning beaches where they can enjoy dazzling sunsets right at their doorstep.

The community vibe in Surfside is one that promotes a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents. With its friendly neighborhoods like Bay Drive and Biscaya Drive, it provides an environment that fosters positive interactions. In addition, being close to numerous parks like Heritage Park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Destinations like Miami Beach and Sunny Isles Beach are just short drives away making weekend getaways easy for everyone living in the area.

Overall, living in Surfside places you at close proximity to several amenities while offering the peace and tranquility associated with small town living. The diverse range of activities, the close-knit community, and beautiful houses for rent make Surfside an appealing choice to many.

What It's Like Living in Surfside, Florida

Life in Surfside, Florida is undeniably unique and wonderful. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, living here means waking up to the sound of ocean waves or taking pleasant evening walks along placid bay waters. Nature lovers take pleasure in the town's finely manicured parks such as the Veteran’s Park or the 96th Street Park, which are conveniently located for a quick break from daily routines.

Walkability is a distinctive aspect of Surfside. Whether it's shopping at Bal Harbour Shops, dining at top-tier restaurants on Harding Avenue, or simply enjoying leisurely strolls across Surfside Beach with its iconic lifeguard stands, everything is within reach. Living in Surfside means being part of a mindful community that values peaceful cohabitation with nature while appreciating modern conveniences provided by its strategic location.

Advantages of Renting a Home in Surfside, Florida

Renting a home in Surfside Florida presents numerous advantages that could cater to various lifestyles. If you're someone who enjoys being steps away from sun-soaked sandy beaches or loves having easy access to vibrant local businesses and nearby luxury shopping destinations such as Bal Harbour Shops, then looking at houses for rent in Surfside should be on your radar.

Another advantage to renting here stems from its proximity to top-quality schools like Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center and dynamic places including North Shore Open Space Park perfect for picnics or outdoor sports activities. Not to mention accessibility to major thoroughfares like Collins Avenue making commuting hassle-free whether you're heading north towards Sunny Isles Beach or south towards Miami Beach.

For renters with an affinity for arts and culture, The Miami City Ballet and Museum of Contemporary Art are just a short drive away. Thus renting a house in Surfside provides not only an opportunity for beachfront living but also allows residents easy access to the lively arts and cultural scene of the Greater Miami.

Median Earnings in Surfside, Florida

Upon settling in the beautiful city of Surfside, Florida and browsing through houses for rent, one might also be curious about the median earnings in this area. As per recent data, residents here enjoy a median salary range of $60,000 to $75,000 annually. This economic foundation reflects an engaged and active community within Surfside, contributing to a vibrant local economy. This income range applies to various professional fields common in the locale, making it an enticing factor for not only single professionals but also families searching for houses to rent.

The proximity to Miami opens up opportunities for residents working across a wide array of industries. Moreover, this earning range translates into diverse lifestyle choices - from dining at charming local restaurants like Josh's Deli on Harding Avenue or experiencing the serenity of North Shore Open Space Park that is just a short drive away. In essence, Surfside's economic setting lets inhabitants maintain a comfortable lifestyle while residing in some of the most sought after houses for rent in Florida.

Schools & Education in Surfside, Florida

When doing research on life in any new town or city like Surfside, education is often a significant consideration especially if you're checking out houses for rent with your family in mind. It is important to note that while there are no physical schools within the immediate boundary of Surfstyle itself, there are multiple high-quality educational institutions available in close proximity.

Individuals seeking formative education options can find them just outside their doorstep with cities surrounding Surfside host to numerous public and private schools. For instance Bay Harbor Islands offering an array of schooling options only a short commute away from most homes rented in Surfside.

Proximity could be seen as another benefit one could enjoy when renting a place here - Your dream house for rent could be just minutes away from top-rated institutions breaching the gap between quality education and serene living. Despite having no schools directly in Surfside, residents are in no shortfall of access to high-quality education for their kids. The convenience and accessibility to these available schools, therefore, remain an appealing factor for many families seeking to rent houses in this beautiful Florida town.

Located in the heart of Surfside, Florida, Normandy Beach is a vibrant neighborhood with diverse architectural styles. Its close proximity to the beach combined with ample amenities makes it a sought-after location for individuals and families searching for houses for rent. The neighborhood is home to several parks, cafes, eateries, and shopping areas providing endless opportunities for recreation and leisure activities. Renting a house in Normandy Beach offers residents the luxury of living within walking distance to the sunny Atlantic coastline while enjoying urban conveniences. Whether it's a modern condo or a traditional single-family home, Normandy Beach offers a variety of houses for rent that cater to various tastes and preferences.

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