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Find Houses for Rent in Springdale, OH

Located just miles from South Lebanon and Springboro, Springdale is the perfect place for families looking to combine safe and comfortable living in small-town America with all the luxuries of nearby cities. A suburb of Cincinnati, homes for rent in Springdale are a short drive away from the bustling nightlife, shopping options and sporting events of the city. Dotted by golf courses and public parks, Springdale offers families the option to enjoy the pristine weather of the Midwest without having to drive miles away to national parks.

Fun Facts About Springdale

  • One of the largest shopping centers in suburban Cincinnati, the Tri-County Mall boasts dozens of high-end and affordable retail options for renters in Springdale. The mall also hosts educational events and seasonal gatherings for the community. 
  • Fans of the hit '80s TV show "Dallas" might recognize Springdale as the hometown of April Stevens. A fictionalized Springdale appeared in an episode of the show's penultimate season.
  • The national supermarket chain Kroger is headquartered in nearby Cincinnati and offers excellent corporate and retail job opportunities.

Helpful Resources for Springdale Renters

  • Springdale's educational infrastructure is run by the Princeton City Schools system that features eight elementary schools and one middle and high school each. Parents can contact officials such as the superintendent, treasurer and school board all through the Princeton City Schools website.
  • The City of Springdale website lists important information on municipal services like trash pickup and water treatment, as well as economic resources for entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business in the city.