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Houses for Rent in Braddock, Pennsylvania

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Find Houses for Rent in Braddock, PA

Those looking for homes for rent in close proximity to Pittsburgh may want to consider the quiet suburb of Braddock. This historic community is known for its quaint neighborhoods that provide locals with the ability to stay connected, yet affords a certain amount of privacy as well. 

Key Facts About Braddock

  • Those who work in or around the greater Pittsburgh area will find the community of Braddock an ideal commuting location. The larger metro is only about 9 miles west of Braddock, with an average commute time of 20 minutes along Interstate 376. 
  • Residents with children can send their kids to one of the fine institutions in the Woodland Hills School District, including Wilkins Elementary, Shaffer Elementary, Edgewood Elementary, Fairless Elementary, Dickson Elementary, Woodland Hills Academy, Woodland Hills Junior High and Woodland Hills High School. 
  • The town was named after Gen. Edward Braddock, who led troops across the Monongahela River to fight the French in the start of the French and Indian War. 

Important Resources for Braddock Renters

  • Residents who wish to learn about the various school sports teams, events or important dates can visit the Woodland Hills School District website. This resource is valuable for parents of children in the community. 
  • Locals can get the latest news about Braddock and the greater Pittsburgh region by reading the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The newspaper has a number of social media accounts and a digital edition for those who like to check out the latest in real-time news. 

What to Do in or Around Braddock

Braddock residents often keep busy by participating in local organizations or attending events. Many people often visit Pittsburgh to shop and dine out because its only a quick drive down the interstate.