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Discover Houses for Rent in South Park, PA

The community of South Park is a family-friendly town with many residential neighborhoods that cater to providing a safe, comfortable place to live for residents. Homes for rent in these neighborhoods are sought after because of their access to the well-respected school system. Located about 11 miles south of Pittsburgh, South Park is in the middle of a lovely wooded area, on the south side of a large golf resort.

Fast Facts About South Park

  • There are more than a few wonderful parks serving the area, including Evans Park, Wilson Park, Whitewood Park, Highland Park and Grove Road Park. All of these parks are run and cared for by the Recreation Department. 
  • The South Park Township Library is a vital part of the community and provides locals with access to entertainment and research materials. It's common to find residents spending an afternoon in the library trying to check out the latest book release, rent a movie or research a project. 
  • The local game preserve and hunting areas allow for residents to spend a day out in the woods and stretch their legs for sport. 

Primary Resources for South Park Renters

  • Locals and visitors to South Park should check out the township's official website to learn about the various entertainment options in the area. The resource also features a calendar of events and a services page for local departments and municipalities. 
  • The official Allegheny County website is a high-quality resource for locals. The site includes pertinent contact information for local services and municipalities, an events calendar and a features page of desirable sights. 

What to Do in and Around South Park

The Oliver Miller Homestead is a living history museum that allows adults and children to learn about what it took to live in the early 18th century in this part of America.