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Find Houses for Rent in Fairfax, VA

Fairfax is a major residential area for political and governmental employees. It lies on the western bank of the Potomac River across from Washington, D.C., and allows people to find homes for rent that fit their business and personal lifestyles. This region is among the top places for innovative, insightful and intuitive families from all walks of life to settle. With a major amount of public transit options available in and around the region, it's a top location for those striving for growth.

Things Fairfax Renters Need to Know

  • Fairfax has many government offices in its geographic holdings. This means many residents are employed by federal authorities and share community bonds in this vein.
  • There are great options for scenic housing in Fairfax thanks to public works projects and the area's setting. The Piedmont hills have been generated due to natural geology, just as many lakes and ponds were crafted for environmental or residential pleasure.
  • Education is very present in Fairfax, with dozens of public schools at every level calling this region home.

Top Resources for Fairfax Renters

  • The official Fairfax website has a huge depth of information about what kinds of social, political and residential resources lie within the region. There are also tools that help businesses and important services connect with people who need them.
  • FXVA is a powerful community tool for residents and tourists alike. This source shows all the rustic, urban and seasonal events throughout Fairfax, as well as museums and cultural opportunities.

More Fun Things to Do Near Fairfax Rentals

Fairfax is filled with educational opportunities, but there are also a bevy of lakes, beaches and parks. Getting out and being active is easy thanks to the public transit system that crisscrosses Fairfax and connects it to Washington, D.C., and beyond.