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Discover Houses for Rent in Orange City, FL

Situated in Volusia County and located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, aptly named Orange City, Florida, provides gorgeous vistas and fun water-centric activities for those who have found homes for rent. There's plenty to do within the community, and individuals looking to branch out a bit will find themselves in luck, as Daytona Beach is just 27 miles outside the city.

The small city features plenty of activities and programs that those who choose to renter here may never want to leave.

Fun Facts about Orange City

  • The community was originally inhabited by the Timucua Indians, though their settlement was wiped out by disease and war by 1820.
  • Orange City was given its name when it became incorporated in 1882, thanks to the thousands of acres of orange groves that were once present in the area.
  • Orange City Elementary School, which still educates the youth of the community today, was founded in 1878 by Major Alden.
  • This small city is well-known for its water quality. At the 1904 St. Louis Exposition, Orange City was given a prominent award for its water, and John Rockefeller even had it imported when he traveled.

Helpful Resources for Orange City Renters

  • Those who are new to the area and want to access official documents, run for public office or simply learn more information about the area should contact the City Clerk's Office.
  • Individuals hoping to lead an active life and meet their neighbors through activities, craft shows and business events should learn more about these opportunities through Parks and Leisure Services. They may also discover the right public space for them, whether it's the 20-acre Valentine Park or the 16-court Shuffleboard Complex.
  • To find out about animal control regulations and become volunteers, renters should seek out the Police Department.