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Discover Houses for Rent in Tavares, FL

Tavares is a small community nestled between Lake Eustis, Lake Dora and Lake Harris - three of Central Florida's largest bodies of water. Homes for rent in the neighborhood are roughly 40 miles northwest of Orlando, which can be accessed thanks to the many major roads nearby. There is plenty to do in Tavares, from water sports to exploring amenities on land.

3 Things Tavares Renters Should Know

  • Tavares was founded in 1880 by Alexander St. Clair-Abrams, who named the town after his Portuguese ancestor.
  • Tavares is nicknamed "America's Seaplane City" due to the multiple seaports that can be found on nearby lakes.
  • The city is the county seat of Lake County. 

Key Resources for Tavares Renters

  • Tavares is a very family-friendly city, so renters with kids should have no problem integrating. Parents who wish to enroll their children in the public school system should check out information about the Lake County School District, which services Tavares. 
  • The official Tavares Web page also has useful information for potential renters looking to get a better feel for what services the city has to offer. 

Things to Do in the Tavares Area

Since Tavares is called "America's Seaplane City," it only makes sense that renters go on their own seaplane adventure. There are many local companies that will take you and your family out on one of the lakes in a seaplane. You won't want to miss out on this unique experience. When the weather starts to get hot, families head to one place: the Tavares Children's Splash Park. This site is the ideal place to cool off in the summer, as it offers refreshing water fountains, squirt guns and more. Children can always be heard splashing around there in the hotter months. Steam train rides on the Orange Blossom Cannonball are a fun option as well and afford participants a scenic view of the area.