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Plymouth is a town and county seat in Plymouth County, and is 45 minutes from the capital of Boston. Homes for rent and other property is desirable in this historical area, as Plymouth was one of the first areas to be settled by early colonists. The city is home to the famous Plymouth Rock, which is where pilgrims first landed in America.

Aside from the historical aspect of this city, there's also plenty to do. If you want to see a replica of the first boat pilgrims arrived in, check out the Mayflower II that has tours. People with a green thumb can visit the Brewster Gardens, rivaled for their beauty. Witness one of the first grist mills in Massachusetts by taking a trip to the Plimoth Grist Mill, which still works!

Facts for Renters

  • Plymouth played a major role in America's history. Plymouth Colony was one of the first 13 colonies in Massachusetts. 
  • Settlers first came to Plymouth in the early 1600s aboard the Mayflower, which came from England. People were seeking religious freedom from the country, and were hoping to find it in the New World.
  • In those first few months, colonists got to known Native Americans better and aimed to make peace with them. A local named Squanto helped communicate between the two groups.
  • Plymouth was named by notable settler John Smith, who was rumored to fall in love with a Native American girl named Pocahontas. Plymouth was named after the port that the settlers departed from in England. 
  • Today, Plymouth teaches visitors about its history through several tours, museums and original sites.

Resources for Renters

  • Get to know much more history about this town by visiting the Plymouth website.
  • Figure out what there is to do around Plymouth by picking up a copy of the Manomet Current.
  • Learn about the local public schools and find out how you can get involved as a parent by visiting the Plymouth Public Schools website.