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Discover the perfect House for rent in Bordentown, NJ

Located about 6 miles south of Trenton, N.J., and 30 miles northeast of Philadelphia, the charming community of Bordentown, N.J., is as picturesque as it is conveniently located. Bordentown boasts a quaint downtown district laden with locally owned shops and historic charm, and its nearly 4,000 residents enjoy a bucolic lifestyle that's all but extinct in more modern suburbs. Homes for rent in Bordentown harken back to simpler times, and renters will love becoming a part of this community-centric little city.

Historic aspects of Bordentown

  • Incorporated in 1852, Bordentown is a great option for renters who love vintage charm.
  • The city's historic center is based along a traditional city grid, offering the opportunity to spend a day walking and shopping downtown. The area's old brick buildings, streetlight thruways and mom-and-pop establishments keep the community's character intact.
  • If you prefer a life in the country, greater Bordentown Township offers sprawling neighborhoods that mimic the rural lifestyle.

Commuting tips for renters

  • If you need to commute to Philadelphia, plan for a 50-minute drive in little to no traffic.
  • Looking to head into the Big Apple? If there's no traffic, you're looking at an hour-and-15-minute drive.
  • Those working in Trenton only have a 15-minute drive to contend with.
  • Although Bordentown is proximal to many larger cities, renters may not have to commute at all. In fact, the city's population increases by a whopping 700 percent on workdays due to inbound commuters.

Best parks in Bordentown

In addition to its historic charm and great location, Bordentown offers many family-friendly amenities.

  • Northern Community Park is located on Groveville Road.
  • Charles Bossert Park sits between Charles Bossert Drive and Eaton Road.
  • Veterans Memorial Park, which also houses the Joseph Lawrence Recreational Facility, is located along Ward Avenue.