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Find Houses for Rent in Mustang, OK

In the southeastern corner of Canadian County, Okla., the city of Mustang is close to Oklahoma City, making it a convenient location for families looking for homes for rent. 

Historical Facts About Mustang for Renters

  • Canadian County, where Mustang is located, is an area of 900 square miles and is the fifth most populated county in Oklahoma. It's also the fastest growing county in the state. 
  • Families first started coming to Mustang in the late 1800s, but the town took six years to fully develop. It was officially founded in November 1901. 
  • The city's name of Mustang came from the post office, which most likely got its name from the nearby Mustang Creek. 
  • Mustang is located just 13 miles west of Oklahoma City, making it a convenient location for families. 
  • The agriculture industry historically helped expand Mustang's economic development. Wheat, oats, corn, potatoes and watermelons were some of the local crops in the area. 
  • Mustang became known as a "bedroom" community of Oklahoma City, serving as home for people working in Oklahoma City's factories. The influx of these workers also sparked commercial development in the city. 

Key Resources for Mustang Renters

  • Residents stay up to date with community news through the city's newspaper - the Mustang News, which was first published in 1988.
  • Parents can find out about the local school system by visiting the Mustang Public School website
  • The Mustang Chamber of Commerce offers information on the local economy and area businesses. 

Things to Do in Mustang

  • Families can learn about Mustang's historical past at the Mustang Historical Museum, which has artifacts dating back to the Land Run. 
  • Renters can also discover Mustang's connection to the Chisholm Trail - a historic trail where cattle, horses and cowboys once traveled.