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South Jordan is a Utah city that neighbors Riverton and West Jordan, all locations that allow a renter hunting for homes for rent to quickly access various Utah cities, with the most famous probably being Salt Lake City, which lies a short distance from South Jordan. The city has its own Equestrian Center, which is a funky place to go that offers animal lovers a place to enjoy their passion. Families may appreciate this nearby resource to help educate their children on the benefits of the humane treatment of animals and equine pursuits, such as polo. South Jordan's urban setting has the dual benefit of being family friendly, which is a draw for burgeoning families who also want access to urban amenities.

Interesting Facts About South Jordan's History

  • Real estate booms in recent decades lead to the decline of South Jordan as a farming community, creating a fertile housing market.
  • The Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saint's church in Jordan River Temple is a key landmark for South Jordan residents. Renters drawn to the Utah area for its emphasis on traditional Mormon values will be attracted by this stately place of worship. 

Resources Renters Should Peruse

  • South Jordan's website affirms its status as a family-friendly place to live by writing in its mission statement its deep commitment to the integrity of the community, while also ensuring a beautiful place to inhabit. Families and renters will appreciate this honest plea, displaying that South Jordan is an appropriate place to raise children.
  • The Gale Center of History & Culture contributes to a recognition of South Jordan's special history and culture, drawing in guests with interesting exhibits and events. Families and renters longing to deepen their understanding of South Jordan should turn to the museum for many fascinating facts about South Jordan.