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Overview of Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables, a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is known for its lush landscapes, Mediterranean-style architecture, and vibrant lifestyle. It's the perfect setting for those who are seeking houses for rent with a hint of luxury and heritage. This enchanting city is adorned with tree-lined boulevards and historical landmarks that make it an idyllic place to live if you're looking at South Florida houses for rent.

The heart of Coral Gables lies in its bustling downtown area. The unique boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and elegant art galleries studded along Miracle Mile provide an unparalleled living experience. Notably among these amenities are the renowned landmarks of Coral Gables such as the Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool which add a touch of Old World charm to this modern city.

Even more striking in Coral Gables are the small yet beautiful neighborhoods filled with opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. The Granada Golf Course is an inviting stop for golf enthusiasts while Matheson Hammock Park offers a serene retreat right by Biscayne Bay. As you traverse through these neighborhoods searching houses for rent in Coral Gables, you’ll also come across some distinctive historic sites like the DeSoto Plaza and Prado Entrance.

With its captivating blend of history, culture and natural beauty, finding your ideal house for rent in Coral Gables offers more than just a home - it’s inviting you into a lifestyle steeped in charm and sophistication.

Location Highlights of Coral Gables, Florida

Situated in Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables is a stunning enclave in the heart of Florida known for its exquisite aesthetics and vibrant lifestyle. This city offers an abundance of beauty, culture, and history for residents and visitors alike. With its lush greenery, Mediterranean Revival architectural style, and a multitude of iconic landmarks, houses for rent in Coral Gables are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy an enchanting and sophisticated lifestyle.

One of the primary highlights is Miracle Mile – a premier shopping district packed with boutique stores, art galleries, live theater venues, fine dining restaurants and more. Residents also enjoy easy access to significant locations such as the University of Miami and Miami International Airport. For those who appreciate nature’s splendor, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden provides an unmatched serene atmosphere with its vast collection of rare tropical plants. Streets lined with grand Banyan trees give Coral Gables its nickname "The City Beautiful", making it one remarkable location that offers more than just houses for rent.

Population and Community

Coral Gables is home to nearly 49,579 people making it a thriving community that's rich in diversity. Living here means being part of a vibrant cosmopolitan tapestry woven from people drawn from all corners of the globe. The community prides itself on its strong sense of camaraderie and neighborliness which further adds to the appeal when considering houses for rent.

Connectivity within this city is excellent with a network of well-planned roads such as Granada Boulevard and Bird Road which provide easy transportation options throughout the area. Surrounding neighborhoods like Coconut Grove and Pinecrest are just a short drive away allowing residents to explore even more local gems. Several parks dot the landscape offering recreational opportunities right at one's doorstep – among them are Venetian Pool, Matheson Hammock Park, and Salvadore Park which provide spaces for residents to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with nature. All these factors combined make Coral Gables a unique example of a city that's both intimate in its community bonds and expansive in its opportunities.

Things to Do and Points of Interest in Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables, Florida, is a bustling city filled with diverse activities ideal for all types of people. Whether you're a fan of the great outdoors or an ardent lover of art and culture, this vibrant city will keep your itinerary full. Be sure to visit the historic Venetian Pool, an aquatic facility made from coral rock quarry. You can also explore Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, which is home to numerous splendid botanical collections.

One can't truly savor Coral Gables without visiting Miracle Mile and Downtown Coral Gables. Here you can relish in world-class dining experiences or participate in shopping sprees while admiring the Mediterranean Revival-style architecture that defines the area’s aesthetic charm. Moreover, history enthusiasts may be drawn to the Lowe Art Museum which showcases diverse art collections. If residing nearby seems appealing, numerous comfortable houses for rent are available within reach of these popular attractions.

Is Coral Gables, Florida a Good Place to Live?

Coral Gables is an attractive city for individuals seeking a community that offers both small-town charm and big-city amenities. From serene suburban neighborhoods that boast beautifully landscaped homes to lively urban districts brimming with cultural attractions and specialty shops - Coral Gables offers a lifestyle uniquely its own.

Getting around in Coral Gables is easy thanks to its grid-like street layout and several major roads such as US 1 that connect it conveniently with neighboring cities. Numerous houses for rent are located within easy access of parks like Matheson Hammock Park and popular commercial areas such as Merrick Park offering residents excellent proximity to recreational and shopping facilities. Furthermore, an array of esteemed schools makes it ideal for families seeking top-notch education opportunities. Overall, choosing to live in Coral Gables provides residents with an array of local amenities and activities while remaining connected with the broader Miami-Dade County area.

What It's Like Living in Coral Gables, Florida

Living in Coral Gables, Florida is akin to immersing oneself in a veritable oasis. The area, often called "The City Beautiful," lives up to its moniker with its Mediterranean Revival-style architecture, manicured streets, and lush greenery. Life here means being surrounded by an array of tropical flora and fauna, with tree-lined avenues such as De Soto Boulevard and Riviera Drive inviting residents for leisurely walks or energetic bike rides.

The city also adds strokes of culture and history to everyday life. Notably, the iconic Miracle Mile serves as the commercial heart of the city with trendy boutiques and fine dining establishments. The Biltmore Hotel, a National Historic Landmark brimming with old-world charm, carries a sense of grandeur that spills over into everyday life here. Nearby parks like Matheson Hammock Park provide both serene spots for relaxation and venues for outdoor activities such as sailing and fishing.

Advantages of Renting a Home in Coral Gables, Florida

One of the most notable advantages when browsing houses for rent in Coral Gables is the varied selection of homes available. With an array of options from cozy cottages to grand estates, every potential renter can find something that suits their unique preference. Plus, many residences come complete with lovely gardens or pools – not forgetting those providing stunning views over the city's canals.

Renting a home in Coral Gables allows one to fully embrace the city’s lifestyle without any long-term commitment from buying property outright. Everything from idyllic walks along Cocoplum Circle to delicious meals at trendy cafes on Miracle Mile are literally at your doorstep when you look into houses for rent here.

Moreover, rental properties in Marina Section or Golden Gate offer quick access to Miami’s world-renowned beaches — allowing residents to effortlessly switch between urban living and beachfront relaxation. Apart from that, excellent schools in the neighborhood, top-notch healthcare facilities, and a thriving arts and culture scene make Coral Gables an ideal location for renting a home. With all these perks on offer, living here means welcoming an enhanced lifestyle experience.

Median Earnings in Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables, Florida, a city known for its lush landscapes and beautiful Mediterranean-style architecture, boasts a healthy median salary range between $75K and $100K. This income bracket mirrors the thriving economic landscape of the area which is driven by various prosperous industries. Many residents in this income bracket find themselves comfortably situated in attractive houses for rent that perfectly capture the city's unique charm.

Coral Gables is often referred to as "The City Beautiful," and this doesn't just apply to its physical appearance. The healthy earning potential within the city adds another layer to its appeal. Moreover, residents have easy access to bustling business hubs and vibrant shopping districts within the city. With major roads like Miracle Mile and Ponce de Leon Boulevard connecting various parts of Coral Gables, commuting is rarely an issue for those making their living here.

Schools & Education in Coral Gables, Florida

In addition to offering stunning houses for rent, Coral Gables also proudly hosts 14 top-notch schools for families residing there. These educational institutions are spread throughout the city and are easily accessible via major thoroughfares such as Granada Boulevard or LeJeune Road. Situated close to many residential areas, these schools offer a diverse range of educational opportunities that cater to varied age groups and interests.

Given their location within one of Miami-Dade County’s most picturesque cities, these schools often provide more than just high-quality education; they offer students inspiring views and surroundings that foster creativity and learning every day. Parks like Venetian Pool or Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden act as perfect backdrop for students' daily life adding up to enriching learning experience in Coral Gables.

Coral Gables, Florida is home to several alluring neighborhoods, each boasting unique and appealing features. Central Gables, known for its lush green spaces, offers a variety of houses for rent, ideal for families looking to enjoy outdoor amenities and a friendly community lifestyle. Douglas is another vibrant neighborhood highlighted by its close proximity to Downtown Miami and abundance of diverse dining options. It offers houses for rent suited to various tastes, from modern homes to charming bungalows. In the Riviera neighborhood, you can find houses for rent amidst stunning Spanish-style architecture and tree-lined streets. The Country Club Section is aptly named after the historic Coral Gables Country Club it surrounds; a perfect locale if you're searching for houses that promise elegance and a quaint environment. Lastly, the Granada neighborhood extends a tranquil setting surrounded by waterways and abundant green foliage perfect for those seeking serene houses for rent in an idyllic tropical paradise. Each neighborhood in Coral Gables promises potential renters a distinct blend of Florida charm and modern living amenities.

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