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In Westmoreland County, just 45 minutes from Pittsburgh, you'll find Greensburg. Home of Seton Hill University, it's a thriving community with a great selection of homes for rent. Twin Lakes Park is to the east and the Totteridge Golf Course is north, providing you with several opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Titillating Tidbits About Greensburg

  • Greensburg was part of the wagon trail that led to Pittsburgh, then known as Fort Pitt. Toward the end of the 19th century, railroad expansion and the discovery of coal mines helped the town grow and develop.
  • The downtown economic center became overshadowed by bigger stores that were built nearby during the 1970s. Although the edges of the town still have a lot of shopping centers and renowned brands, locally owned shops and restaurants reappeared along the main street.
  • Check out the Palace Theater, Greensburg's cultural center. It opened in 1926 and has since seen the likes of George Carlin and Tom Jones. The theater often features the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra and River City Brass Band on its stage.

Helpful Information for Renters

  • The Greensburg website is a wonderful resource with separate tabs for businesses, residents and visitors. Learn about the town departments, services they offer and upcoming events. Even though you aren't a visitor, that section has lists of ATM locations, restaurants, transportation and houses of worship - all of which can come in handy as you're getting settled.
  • Students in Greensburg attend schools in the Greensburg Salem School District. The website has plenty of useful facts about everything ranging from academics and administration to resources for parents and contact information.
  • Westmoreland County is covered by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, which publishes news about the entire region.