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Houses for Rent in Wallingford, Connecticut

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Discover Houses for Rent in Wallingford, CT

Wallingford is a populous town near Interstate 91, between Hartford and New Haven. Besides having an under-30-minute commute to either of these two major Connecticut cities, homes for rent in Wallingford have a lot to offer residents right in town. Wallingford is a complete community. With great schools, a hospital, a picturesque New England town center and plenty of outdoor recreation, like Trimountain State Park, families won't have to go far to have fun or get the services they need. Wallingford also offers a strong economy that's evolved from the days when the area was an industrial power. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • Wallingford started in 1667 as a village of farmers. The village quickly expanded with more farmers throughout the 1600s and became an official town in 1670. By the 1800s, the area was known for its silver production. The town has recently evolved to house several high-tech businesses in its industrial park in the northwest. 
  • In addition to Wallingford's great location for car travel, there's an Amtrak station in town for easy access to New York City, Boston, Providence and Washington, D.C. Wallingford is also close to Hartford's Bradley International Airport for farther trips. 

Helpful Resources for Residents

  • The Wallingford website gives residents a great place to find out information about the town, phone numbers for certain officials and even commonly needed paperwork. 
  • Wallingford residents read The Courant for national and local news. The website even has a section that aggregates stories about the town for residents. 
  • Children and adults in town can take advantage of the Wallingford Public Schools system for kindergarten through grade 12 as well as continuing education. 

Live in Wallingford

Close to the ocean, the city, the train and dozens of other great services, Wallingford is the perfect place for families to rent.