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Explore Houses for Rent in St. Cloud, FL

If you're looking for homes for rent in a gorgeous community inside a city that's always bustling but doesn't have the annoying, never-ending hum of a metropolis, look no further than Florida's St. Cloud. Considered a small city, there's always something to do in St. Cloud, but the community is close-knit and it's quiet enough that renters can relax and take a load off while enjoying family time. 

So, what are some of the elements present in St. Cloud that make it an idyllic place to spend time and make a fun, relaxing life?

Fun Facts about St. Cloud

  • St. Cloud came to be in 1909 and was originally intended to be a retirement community for Civil War veterans. It wasn't incorporated until 1911. 
  • St. Cloud is located in Central Florida, in the northern part of Osceola County. 
  • The community, which is also known as Soldier City, boasts the slogan "Celebrating Small Town Life."
  • It's less than 30 miles from Orlando, so there's always something exciting to do with the little ones.

Resources for St. Cloud Renters

  • Those renting in St. Cloud should check out the Parks and Recreation Department to find out the activities that are going on in the city and learn more information about the resources and fun programs available for locals.
  • To learn more about the infrastructure, such as traffic, waste management and vehicle maintenance, renters should speak to someone at the Public Works Department.
  • Those in St. Cloud can contact the Police Department if they'd like to know more about community outreach possibilities, the senior watch program and various support services.
  • People new to the area and looking for employment might want to consult with the Human Resources Department if they need help finding a new job, internship or volunteer opportunity.