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Venice is located in Sarasota County. When it comes to population, the area is known for a large quantity of snowbirds that inhabit the air and land. The Centennial Park, located in the main downtown area, is a fun place for kids to cool off in the public water fountains or hang out in the gazebo. Splash around at Venice Beach or hit the bike trails on a day off. These family-oriented activities are just a few reasons families look for homes to rent in Venice.

Interesting Points About Venice FL

  • Early American pioneers Henry Ford and Thomas Edison made a pit stop in Venice in the 1920s to attend a meeting with locomotive representatives.
  • The first American to call Venice home was Richard Roberts in the 1870s. He made a fortune from selling canned citrus products like lemon juice and orange wine.
  • The name 'Venice' was chosen by the first postmaster Darwin Curry and a gentleman named Frank Higel who purchased some of Roberts' stocks.
  • Development in the area was driven by the completion of the railroad in 1911. Around the same time, a Chicago woman named Mrs. Potter Palmer bought a bunch of land and began to sell property in Venice. 
  • The Lord-Higel home is the oldest residence building in the city. It was built in 1896. It held a citrus plantation when it was first built. The property remains an attraction for tourists and history buffs. 

Resources for Renters

  • General information can be found on the city's website. Check it out to learn more about local parks and recreational activities.
  • To look into education, check out Sarasota County Schools where 41,000 students are currently enrolled in 52 different schools. It's 1 out of 10 of the "A" districts in the state.