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Set against a backdrop of lush green parks, nearby bodies of water like Freeman Lake and easily accessible by Interstate 29, homes for rent in Lilburn can be a welcome retreat from the busy pace of Augusta and Atlanta, while still close enough in proximity that travel between these areas can be done simply. Best of all, because Lilburn is a smaller town, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility that come with living in a suburban environment.

4 Things Lilburn Renters Should Know

  • Lilburn has a rich history - while the town was not the site of any major battles during the Civil War, it was notably impacted during the 20th century by the Great Depression and the boll weevil crisis. Following the Great Depression, the town operated without a municipal government for several years.
  • The town of Lilburn hosts several events throughout the year, including the Lilburn Christmas Parade, tree lighting ceremony and Lilburn Daze.
  • Parks and lakes surround Lilburn, including Bryson Park, Bethesda Park, Lucky Shoals Park and Freeman Lake.
  • Restaurants in Lilburn can be a great way to add variety to your diet and spice up your night's plans. From Three Blind Mice, to Bambinelli's Italian Restaurant, to Taqueria Los Hermanos, the endless variety at eateries like these can make your time in the town worthwhile.

Essential Resources for Lilburn Renters

  • Moving to a new town like Lilburn is easier if you have the right resources, and by visiting Lilburn's official website, you can get helpful insight into a range of municipal services, departments and also gain access to the calendar of upcoming events.
  • There are a number of schools in the greater Lilburn area, and by exploring the city website, you can learn more about these centers for learning.