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Explore Houses for Rent in Farmingdale, Maine

Farmingdale is in Kennebec County. Nearby cities include Hallowell, Pittston and Chelsea. It's about 50 minutes from Portland, which is the perfect place for a weekend sojourn or Sunday day trip. Head to the area to explore its wealth of kitschy shops, cafes and restaurants. Dobra Tea is a must-see if you have an affinity for freshly steeped cups of goodness. The locale boasts a one-hundred page menu, including tea from all over the world. Sip a cup of kombucha and relax with friends at either a pillow-decorated nook or a table. Living so close to Portland is one reason why Farmingdale is a great option for families looking for homes for rent. 

Fun Facts about Farmingdale 

  • Looking for a spot to frequent in the summer and get your fix of lobster rolls? Head to Mike's Place, a town staple on Maine Ave. that's known for its delicious fried seafood. 
  • If you love American fare, dine at The Liberal Cup on Water Street. The eatery boasts comfort foods such as bangers and mash, shepherd's pie, chicken wings and haddock chowder. 
  • Mark your calendars because you won't want to miss the Maine Lobster Festival, which takes place in Rockland. The event boasts soft shell lobsters and tasty clam chowder. 

Information for Renters

  • Visit Farmingdale's official website if you're considering moving somewhere new. The website is a great tool for learning about the area because it contains blurbs about its history, community, public safety and town office. 
  • Check out the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce for all things business. Learn how to become a member of the chamber or check out its community events. The site is also helpful to newcomers because it has a "travel and tourism" section.