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Explore Wonderful Houses for Rent in Mill Valley, CA

Mill City is a community with homes for rent just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The area is notable for its parks, which are filled with famous California redwood trees, and its position at the base of Mount Tamalpais. The city is full of arts and theater, and has been home to many famous names over the years. Creative renters are sure to find inspiration in the scenic beauty that the city holds.

Facts for Renters

  • The city hosts the Mill Valley Film Festival every year. It was founded in 1977 by Mark Fishkin and has gone from a single weekend of films to a showing nearly two weeks long in span. Many Academy Award winning films are first screened here with the directors and cast attending. The festival is presented by the California Film Institute.
  • Early inhabitants include the Coastal Miwok Indian tribes. John Reed was given a land grant to the area in 1834, and he used it as a ranchero until the 1880s. During that time he established a mill to make lumber from the abundant redwood forests in the area.
  • Cornelius Toohey was the first Mill Valley Town Hall Association president. He was elected in 1896, and the town was incorporated in 1900. The first town hall was built in 1907, and by 1910 the population of the town was 2,500.

Resources for Renters

  • Online, residents can search library catalogs, log in to their accounts, join a book club and reserve computers at the Mill Valley Public Library Web page.
  • The Mill Valley tourism site lists restaurants, nightlife, attractions, events and shopping that renters may be interested in checking out. 
  • Renters can learn more about the Mill Valley Film Festival, including times, locations and competing films, at its website.