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Discover Houses for Rent in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Palm Beach Gardens is located in Palm Beach County. The city neighbors West Palm Beach and is on Florida's east coast, north of Fort Lauderdale. Homes for rent in Palm Beach Garden offer residents a number of vacation and leisure spots, with locations to explore like PGA National Resort & Spa, Old Marsh Golf Club, Frenchman's Creek, Anchorage Park and Riverside Youth Enrichment Center.

Interesting Facts About Palm Beach Gardens

  • Palm Beach Gardens was founded by John D. MacArthur, an insurance magnate and landowner. Originally, MacArthur desired the name of the city to be Palm Beach City, but that name was denied. 
  • MacArthur had a unique view of what Palm Beach City Gardens, consisting of a community full of flowers and trees. Therefore, construction of the city circumvented the city's trees.
  • These developments occurred after MacArthur's announced his plans for the city in 1959. 
  • The Banyan trees are an example of the natural environment that MacArthur wanted to preserve in Palm Beach Gardens, showing the appealing natural features in Florida. 
  • The Professional Golfers Association's home offices and golf courses were located in Palm Beach Gardens for a number of years. 
  • The city's slogan is "Growing Together in the Gardens." 

Resources for Renters

  • Palm Beach Gardens website, bearing the motto "A unique place to live, learn, work & play," has pages on living in Palm Beach Gardens and working in the city. Both these pages offer specific pieces of information for renters. For example, there is information on art in public spaces, local media, water restrictions and conservation and information on economic development, a local business search, business links and more. 
  • The School District of Palm Beach County's website has pages for students, parents, employees and the community, among other pertinent pages.