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Little Falls, N.J., is located just 20 miles northwest of New York City and 13 miles from Newark, N.J. Hailed by area residents as a nice, quiet and safe community in which to raise a family, Little Falls boasts the perfect mix of high-quality schools, easy access to New York, plentiful natural beauty and a traditional suburban vibe. Thanks to the hilliness of the area, the town is laden with interesting landscapes. Those searching for homes for rent in Little Falls will be happy to call this pleasant community home.

Little Falls: A Charming and Historic Town

The town of Little Falls came into being as a riverside community. Named for the falls that formerly flowed from the downtown-area dam, the community has been an economic and residential area since the late 19th century.

4 Reasons to Love Little Falls 

  • Little Falls is a noticeably safe town in which to live: Its crime rate is lower than many other New Jersey towns.
  • Renters living in Little Falls enjoy a relatively short commute time  compared to those in other parts of New Jersey.
  • Although commute times here are lower than they are elseware in the state, you may not need to commute out of town at all: In fact, many people flock to Little Falls as commuters on workdays.
  • The high school graduation rate in Little Falls is perfectly on-par with the New Jersey average.

Downtown Little Falls

Thanks to its historic downtown area, Little Falls is a traditional community with many shops, restaurants, pharmacies and storeswithin walking distance of rentals and apartments. Though residents won't be able to forgo driving altogether, renters can utilize NJ Transit's Montclair-Boonton line to get around New Jersey or into NYC.