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Discover Houses for Rent in Madison, OH

Madison is a quaint village located in Lake County. It's approximately 45 minutes from the shoreline city of Cleveland. Homes for rent allow families to explore the charming Debonne Vineyards, watch a show at the Rabbit Run Community Arts Association or try some vino at the Maple Ridge Winery.

Facts for Renters

  • Madison was named after the president James Madison. It wasn't formally established by settlers until 1867. Yet people began to arrive to the community in the late 1790s.
  • Many of the settlers earned a living by farming on the plethora of land in the area or being a fisherman at the nearby Lake Erie.
  • Before the Civil War began, many locals helped free slaves who were running from the South and helped guide them into Canada using the Underground Railroad.
  • After the invention of the automobile, many settlers continued to come to the area as they could travel farther distances for work, such as to Cincinnati.
  • Today, the village is known as a quiet and close community that isn't a far commute from the city. Residents get the best of both worlds with rural landscapes and a nearby metropolitan paradise.

Resources for Renters

  • Find out how to enroll your children in local schools or when the school holidays are by visiting the Madison School District website.
  • Get your daily fix for breaking news and current events in the village by reading the local publication the Madison Press.
  • Learn more about this charming area by visiting the Madison Village website, which has information on things to do in the region and local resources.