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Settle Down in Houses for Rent in Palmetto, GA

Finding the right place to settle down with your family is hardly easy, but if you're like some renters, you may want to consider the benefits of relocating to an area like Palmetto. Homes for rent in Palmetto are close to major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, but also offer the sleepy, sanguine appeal of living in a smaller community. Best of all, Palmetto's mix of scenic attractions and historic appeal make it hard to replicate, but easy to miss.

3 Things About Palmetto that Renters Should Know

  • Established in 1833 and known initially as Johnson's Store, the town of Palmetto has a rich and interesting history that can make it appealing to newcomers. For instance, cotton - one of the primary crops of the area - is linked to Palmetto's history, and at its height, the town sent 10,000 bales of cotton through the three cotton gins in the area.
  • There are a number of schools within the area surrounding Palmetto, including Palmetto Elementary School, Bear Creek Middle School and Creekside High School.
  • For renters in search of a community with plenty of dining options to choose from, Palmetto is the place to be, featuring eateries like The Farmhouse at Serenbe and Frank's Family Restaurant.

Essential Resources for Palmetto Renters

  • Whether you want to learn about upcoming events or simply learn about how to connect with municipal departments on a number of crucial issues, Palmetto's official website can be an important tool for helping to connect you with your community and start your time in your rental off on the right foot.
  • Palmetto is home to a number of beautiful parks, including Wayside Park, which is located on Main Street, and Veterans Park, situated on Park Street.