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Houses for Rent in Lincoln, Rhode Island

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Discover Welcoming Houses for Rent in Lincoln, RI

Rhode Island isn't the biggest state - in fact, it's the smallest - but it still has a lot of heart and plenty of wonderful places to live. Lincoln is a town that's not far from major hubs such as Providence and Newport, and is one of the more exciting places to live in all of New England. Prospective residents will have no shortage of homes for rent to choose from when selecting this town as a new living environment. 

Fun Facts and Considerations for Lincoln Renters

  • Lincoln is located in northern Rhode Island, which places it strategically close to Boston and points of interest north of the Ocean State. 
  • The town falls within the borders of Providence County, giving renters plenty of access to helpful and useful amenities. 
  • There are countless sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places within Lincoln's borders, including the Albion Historic District, Pullen Corner School, Saylesville Meetinghouse and Lime Kilns. 
  • Education, commerce and health care are all burgeoning in this quaint, yet exciting town. 

Useful Resources for Lincoln Renters

  • For more information on the history of this beautiful town, prospective residents should refer to the State of Rhode Island's Town of Lincoln historic page. 
  • Renters can get more information about the town's amenities through its main public government website
  • Parents who want to learn more about educational opportunities in and nearby Lincoln should refer to the Providence County Public Schools Web page. 

Things to Do in Lincoln

Lincoln has no shortage of engaging attractions for the history lover, while it's also home to the highly active Twin River Casino. Residents can hang out within the town's borders and have plenty of fun, while Boston is less then an hour drive north and Providence is located just south.