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Discover the Perfect House for Rent in Bath, ME

Bath is the county seat of Maine's Sagadahoc County. It's located near Brunswick and Boothbay. Touted by Main Street Bath as being "big enough to be a commercial and cultural hub and compact enough to be intimate and walkable," the city is a charming, convenient place to find homes for rent and settle down.

Historical Facts About Bath

  • Members of the Abenaki Native American tribe lived in the area of Bath on a seasonal basis, but there were no permanent Native American villages on the site. Early European explorations of the area didn't result in any permanent settlements until the Popham Colony was started in 1607 at the mouth of the Kennebec River.
  • Robert Gutch was one of the early European settlers who bought most of what's now known as Bath from Native Americans.
  • Arrowsic Island was incorporated as Georgetown in 1716. Later, the town grew with the addition of Parkers Island, Phippsburg, Woolwich and what's now known as Bath and West Bath. In 1759, Bath, which was then called Long Reach, became the Second Parish of Georgetown.

Helpful Resources for New Renters

  • Check out Bath's official website for all kinds of useful links that new renters can use to get acquainted with the city. There, you'll find everything you need about the local government, departments, upcoming events and more.
  • Main Street Bath offers more insight into the city, including activities and amenities that will keep individuals and families entertained in the area, like hiking, heading to the beach or fishing.
  • The Maine Maritime Museum is a great place to visit for more information about the history of the area. The website has a page dedicated to Bath that's sure to interest new residents.