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Just north of Sao Paulo Bay and the Bay Area, the city of Napa is part of the famed Napa Valley. Near Interstate 80, Napa is just off Route 29, north of Vallejo. Although the name "Napa" makes people around the world think of California's excellent wine region, the city of Napa is also well-known for Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Napa Valley College, Napa County Airport as well as its stellar parks, golf courses, shopping areas and dining. Homes for rent in Napa can give families a chance to live in a cultural center, a great community and unique region. 

Fun Facts for Future Renters

  • One of the reasons why the Napa Valley is great for growing grapes is also why it's a wonderful place to live - the climate! The average low temperature in the winter is 37 degrees. In the summer, the high is 82 - a far cry from the desert-like conditions in the south. 
  • Napa was founded in 1847 and was popular two years later as the Gold Rush swept through the area. Although the valley has become famous for its wine, Napa has long been known for its quality leather goods and successful tanneries. 

Helpful Resources for Residents 

  • The city of Napa's official website can be an excellent resource for renters. It has Web tools to assist residents with everything from doing business in the city to learning more about the city's unique history. The Napa Valley tourism page is also helpful because it can give families a good idea of fun events nearby. 
  • The Napa Valley Unified School District encompasses the city of Napa as well as many other communities in the famous vineyard area. 
  • With breaking local news, interesting features about your neighbors, local sports or even nearby entertainment, the Napa Valley Register website can be a great tool.