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Houses for Rent in Georgetown, Massachusetts

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Discover Houses for Rent in Georgetown, MA

A long history and a beautiful landscape come with the municipality of Georgetown. The town lies a little north of Boston, but is well within reach of the many amenities of the city. Homes for rent in Georgetown offer a suburban lifestyle with plenty of breathing room and scenic drives.

Things Georgetown Renters Should Know

  • The history of Georgetown begins in 1638, when a number of families set sail for Salem, Mass., from Rowley, England, led by Reverend Ezekiel Rogers.
  • Prior to the incorporation of Georgetown as a town in 1838, the territory was known as Rowley.
  • The area that became Georgetown saw numerous developments over the course of the 18th century, including the establishment of the first meetinghouse in 1729 and schoolhouse in 1739.

Resources for Renters in Georgetown

  • The official website of Georgetown has many helpful links for residents, government employees and businesses in the area.
  • To keep up on local events in Georgetown, the Georgetown Fun community website can be a useful tool.
  • The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce website provides information on regional businesses and programs in and around Georgetown.

Things to Do in Georgetown

Georgetown provides an eclectic selection of attractions ranging from a variety of shopping options to camping in the great outdoors. One of the notable shops in town is Sedler's Village, a dealer of antiques and collectibles as well as new furniture. Those interested in crafts can check out Pratt Hobby Shop or Purple Dragon Arts. If exploring the past is your thing, the Brocklebank Museum is a historic structure dating from pre-Revolutionary times. Camping sites can be found at Camp Denison, a conservation area covering 44 acres, affording nearby residents with space to spend a night or two in the wilderness. A getaway from the small town trappings of Georgetown may be easily accomplished by making the 40-minute drive to Boston to take advantage of its urban attractions.