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Houses for Rent in Guilford, Connecticut

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Discover Houses for Rent in Guilford, Connecticut 

Guilford is in New Haven County. Nearby cities include Madison, Killingworth and Brandford. Guilford is just an hour north of Hartford, which is the capital and hub of the state. It's home to Bradley International Airport, which means traveling for work is quick and painless if you live in the area. Hartford's known for it's live music venues, diverse dining scene and bustling nightlife. Whether you're in the mood for a nice meal out, a brewery tour or an art museum, the city has something for you. Of course, proximity to Hartford is just one of many reasons why Guilford is a great location for families who are looking for homes for rent.

Fun Facts about Guilford

  • The Hyland House, one of the oldest house museums in New England, is in Guilford. Tour the two-story saltbox property to explore America's rich colonial history. The facility, which is open September through June, offers guided tours and special events.
  • Faulkner's Island Lighthouse in Guilford has quite the story behind it. According to The Hartford Courant, the landmark that sits 3.5 miles south of Guilford Harbor dates back to 1805. Former President Thomas Jefferson commissioned it. It's open for tours on a seasonal basis. 
  • Every fall, Guilford hosts an agricultural festival called The Guilford Fair. Families who attend can expect mouth-watering food, fun games and rides. Music sensation Frankie Ballard was the special guest at the fair in 2014.

Information for Renters

  • Visit the city's official website if you're considering renting in Guilford. It has information about the departments of the government, activities offered through parks and recreation and a blurb about life in Guilford. 
  • Check out the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce to dig deeper into the business side of Guilford. There, you'll also find out how you can become a member of the organization.