The safest and easiest way to pay and collect rent online.
Use eChecks/ACH, credit or debit cards. Set up Autopay and never worry about late rent again.
Get paid on time and say goodbye to depositing checks…for free.
For Renters
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Invite Your Landlord

Learn how to invite your landlord to RentPay here. Once your landlord creates an account and onboards your rental property, you can set up your payments.

Schedule Your Rent Payment
Tell us your rental address, when you'd like to pay your rent by and preferred method of payment.*
* eChecks are $2.95 per transaction, debit and credit cards have a 3% flat fee.
Receive Deposit Notifications
You’ll be notified in your dashboard when your landlord receives your rent payment. All of your rent payment history through RentPay is visible for both you and your landlord to refer back to at any time.
For Landlords
Ready to never deposit a rent check again? Try RentPay, a free online rent collection service.
  • The service is completely free for landlords
  • Easily see all payment history, including the date of payment, the tenant who paid and the property they reside in
  • Work with multiple properties and invite multiple tenants, including properties that have more than one tenant
  • Accept multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards and eChecks
Create an Account
Provide basic details so we can keep you updated on your account activity.
Add Property and Renter Information
Share your tenant's information so we can send them an invite to use the service.
Connect Your Bank
Link your checking account to your profile and start receiving rent payments online.

We've got answers.

For Renters
How much does this cost?
$2.95 per eCheck/ACH. Credit and debit cards are a flat 3% per transaction.
What type of credit cards do you accept?
RentPay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit and debit cards.
How do I know my payment info is secure? RentPay is powered by YapStone. YapStone and its portfolio of products are fully committed to protecting your cardholder information. To ensure data is not compromised, we employ some of the highest standards in the payments industry. Additionally, YapStone undergoes an annual PCI compliance certification process to ensure your data is secure.
For Landlords
Is this really free for me?
Yes, 100% free. You just need to set up how you'd like to receive payment. The rest is on us!
What are the benefits of RentPay and why should I enroll?
The service is completely free for you as a landlord. You’ll never have to deposit a rent check again, and you’ll be able to see all of the payment history for all of your tenants enrolled in a single dashboard. Additionally, your renter(s) can set up Autopay, enabling their rent to be delivered to you on the same day each month.This guarantees you’ll be paid on-time every month.
If I’m a landlord for multiple properties, can I use RentPay?
Multiple households are our bread and butter. You can have as many properties and tenants as you need on RentPay.
Still have questions?
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